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Education in Cameroon, although constitutionally guaranteed, falls short in execution. Undeniable disparities hinder educational access for poor, disabled, indigenous and refugee children, particularly disadvantaged girls. Issues ranging from sexual harassment, unplanned pregnancies and early marriages to domestic chores and socio-cultural biases proliferate a trend in which fewer girls attend primary schools than boys.

Rectifying this gender discrepancy can boost individuals’ capacities for financial autonomy as well as improve the state of the nation overall.
Less than 50 percent of Cameroonian girls attend primary school, and the average adult has only 5.9 years of education under his or her belt. There are many, like Mi Nina, who are working to change that. Mi Nina is a gender based organisation which aimed at addressing issues relating to the girl child. The organization works against gender discrimination and encourage girls in all domains of life. Mi Nina is a Non-Governmental, Non-profit, and Non-political organisation founded in Cameroon in 2012. This organisation obtained authorised status on October 2019,following the government recognition of its activities.

This organisation operates in the rural and urban areas of Cameroon. Broadly speaking,the organisation is aimed to alleviate poverty, to eradicate illiteracy by setting up libraries in rural and urban areas, to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS through the promotion of health education, as well as to promote sustainable development. It equally engages in the promotion ICT and of human rights in Cameroon, with main focus on women and children.



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