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Paul and Martha Medical Centre is located in Kimya Zone, Kasenda Sub County, Kabarole District in Uganda, East Africa. It is approximately 320 km from Kampala, the capital City of Uganda and 30 km from Fort-Portal Town, which is the proposed Tourism City of Uganda.

The above facility is registered as a Private NOT for Profit Medical Centre with the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council under Reg./Operational License No.103 and Receipt No. 39077 respectively.

The main objective of establishing the above facility at Kimya was to extend professionalized, quality and affordable health services to the vulnerable and marginalized grass-root rural communities.

Kimya Village and Kasenda Sub County in general, lack essential Health services like dental, ophthalmology, x-rays, standard laboratory services, HIV/AIDS Support initiatives, Maternal and child Care Services among many others. There are no Health Units apart from scattered small drug shops under the management of quack and un professional people. Lives of the local people have thus been at risk ! Many of the rural people are poor and can’t afford the cost of quality Health Care due to the high levels of poverty.

In Kimya, less than 9.6% of the households have access to piped water and 97.4% of the households do not live in decent dwellings thus poor environmental management which is then translated into poor health conditions in the area.

It is from the above poor Health conditions associated with high poverty and illiteracy levels that the medical center requests for volunteers, sponsorship and partnership.

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Uganda: Floods - May 2013; Uganda: Cholera Outbreak - May 2013; East Africa Crisis