Skill Link Uganda

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Skills Link Uganda is a registered community based organisation in Uganda.Reg.CBO / 06 / 503. by the Directorate of Community Based Services Makindye Ssabagabo Municipal Council.
The organisation traces its origin in 2011, when a group of concerned community members in Makindye – Wakiso district came up with a plan to initiate a training centre to;
1.Liberate the people of Makindye municipality (our area of operation) from the job seeking fixation through equipping community groups especially the youths and women with applicable and market oriented skills for future self-sustenance.
2.Respond to criticisms from employers of lack of skills among people who graduate from formal education institutions. Skills link Uganda is coming in handy to train the local people the skills they need in the employment world.
3.Skills Link Uganda is particularly most appealing because of training people in skills they can use to create their own employment. The beauty about the courses we offer is that one needs very little capital startup for example a simple carpentry plant or a small saloon after graduating.
4.Skills Link Uganda tries to absorb the school drop-outs from the Universal Primary and Secondary Education that are currently relatively high in Makindye municipality.

Overall objective
•The overall objective, for which the organisation was established, is to equip the youths, women and persons with disabilities with literacy skills, vocational, essential micro-entrepreneurial and life skills that will enable them rise out of poverty, provide for their families health and well-being as well as create opportunities for self – employment within their local communities.

Specific objectives
•To train women, youths and persons with disabilities who wish to become artisans with tradable vocational skills in; tailoring, hairdressing, carpentry, computer, catering, welding and many other practical courses that will lead them to future self-sustenance.
•To train illiterate beneficiaries (youths, women and persons with disabilities) in Functional Adult Literacy programmes.
•Empowering the beneficiaries (youths, women and persons with disabilities) receiving vocational training in complementary micro entrepreneurship and computer skills.
•To attach beneficiaries who have received training to Master Trades. Persons who own well equipped and functional workshops for apprenticeship.


Skill Link Uganda has fully equipped over 500 youths in vocational(Tailoring, carpentry, hairdressing), life skills and essential micro-entrepreneurial skills that has enabled them to rise out of poverty, provide for their families’ health and wellbeing as well as create opportunities for self-employment within the local community of Makindye Municipality.

Skills Link Uganda is continuing to equip women and youths who are unable to continue with their formal educational studies with skills building programmes like; tailoring, carpentry, Hairdressing, entrepreneurship, life skills and many others. Skills Link Uganda has managed to help trainee graduates in business start processes by providing them with start up kits and basic business management skills.


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Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions. (UGAPRIV, Tools With A Mission UK (TWAM)

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