The Eastern Home Foundation Uganda

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Area/sector of activities
-Amongst our activities, we do Promotion of good environment, livelihood promotion, HIV/AIDS
Prevention, combat trafficking, empowering the Sexual Minority with moral support and free health care, youth, women and children development, promoting the rights of religious
minorities through education and training

-To care for the orphans
and help the deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on
children, youth and women and to provide them with livelihood opportunities and bring them into the
Mainstream of society
-To speak out for those who are being bullied, abused or hated because of their sexual orientation

Working Area:
-The Eastern Home Foundation Uganda is located in Mbale in the eastern of Uganda near the western boarder of Kenya in East Africa

Guiding Philosophy:
-The philosophy and experience of The Eastern Home Foundation Uganda is based on the reality, that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs
and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another.
-Equality for all:
God made all people equal; our organization is committed to a development process that promotes equality.
We work to unite all churches and we are non-denominational, we believe that Jesus died for all man kind
Rights and dignity for all:
-The Eastern Home foundation Uganda believes in and strives to uphold the rights and dignity of all people in the rural and Urban communities.
The Eastern Home foundation Uganda believes in God to protect the dignity of everybody to exploit the Earthly goods in accordance with God’s Law and individual order.
Institutional partnership in development:
-The Eastern Home foundation Uganda welcomes and respects on going International initiatives and national policies to take
Care and promote the rights of children and youth, women and disadvantaged people fight poverty, ignorance and diseases
such as malaria, Immunisable diseases and HIV/AIDS. Our activities will be unison and
Collaboration with other stakeholders
Our program reaches young people through a one stop center where youth gather for recreation activities including plays, watch educative movies, counselling, life skills training and reproductive health training. This is achieved in partnership with the churches in their communities. The Foundation also partners with local leaders and members of the community especially women who are in most cases the caretakers of the orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC).


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Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

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Doing business with the poor; Standards and guidelines development; Project funding; all (5)

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Africa: Uganda

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Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; Environment and all (6)


East Africa Drought; Jun 2012 - Uganda: Landslides; Jul 2012 - Uganda: Ebola Outbreak; all (5)