Vulnage Aid Uganda

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Vulnage Aid Uganda (VOAU) is non governmental, non-partisan and non profit community based organization at Central Uganda. The organization operates in Buwunga Subcounty, Bukoto East constituency Masaka District Uganda. Its major goal is to support and rebuild live of HIV/AIDS affected orphanage and valuable people in this area.

The organization has implemented community based rehabilitation and development interventions targeting the orphans, vulnerable community affected by HIV/AIDS. Its current focus is restoration of peoples’ hope through economic recovery, capacity building, and psychosocial support for the marginalized children especially orphans. These shall be through basic educational training, practical skills in technical institutions, promotion of hygiene and sanitation in basic primary health care and sport promotion.

The primary beneficiaries of the program shall be the targeted vulnerable groups of orphans who are affected due to the loss of their parents by HIV virus, and have no one to care for them. This will improve their lives, hence being in line with the millennium development goal of reducing illiteracy level among the rural poor especially the developing nations or third world countries of which Uganda among them. Such initiatives facilitate and promote family educational, health and social needs

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