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Native kids is a community based, self-help organization located in Lwangoli, Busoba in Mbale district in Eastern Uganda working to empower children and young people to embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of the community.

Natives Kids aims to create a society where children and the young people are enjoying their basic rights and leading a dignified life. The mission is to assist the children and the young people in need while achieving positive change through initiatives that empower families and support children rights.

Native kids programs include:-


Firstly, Native Kids offers continued rescue and support to vulnerable children by providing food, clothing and tailories and shelter to the children in need.

Secondly is increased access to education, Native Kids supports children education by sponsoring vulnerable children at their school in Lwangoli, provision of scholastic materials, and offering life skills training to both young patents and vulnerable adults especially the poor women. And also advocacy on children rights.


Being the foundation of all the roots of children, ensure that parents are empowered to support their children. The activities include advocacy campaigns against gender violence, HIV/AIDS, and Reproductive Health education, counseling and routine family visits.

Native Kids also identifies and trains vulnerable families on micro-bussines initiatives so that they are empowered to support their families and reduce dependence.


Native Kids also works to increase access to suitable, safe water and environmental sanitation for the poor and vulnerable families. They are also working to reduce the prevalence of WASH related diseases through the promotion of hygiene and good environmental practices. And promoting water resources management at community level with a focus on monitoring quality and quantity of drinking water.

Native Kids welcomes different stake stakeholders to join them in the noble cause.


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