Initiative for Rural Development and Transformation (IRUDET) HUb

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Initiative for Rural Development (IRUDET) – Hub is a local Ugandan based not-for profit Organization established in 2015 and registered in 2016 to support initiatives that improve the livelihoods of communities in Buikwe and Mukono District. The work targets is the entire community with specific focus on children in and out of school, youths, elderly, and women.

IRUDET envisions a poverty free community where people access basic rights and transparent governance systems.

The mission is to support communities to overcome socio-economic barriers and injustice. In order to achieve the set mission and vision, IRUDET is currently implementing core programs in social behavior change communication, Gender, livelihood and food security: vocational training and skills development, Human Rights, computer training, organic farming Access to Justice and accountability, Reproductive health, child protection and HIV/AIDS among others.

IRUDET-HUB supports adolescents to acquire skills in information technology AND more than 200 people have been trained in the last two years, access information on reproductive health as well as alternative survival skills. Using transformational approaches such as community conversation, stepping stones, advocacy forums, SINOVUYO parenting curriculum and Journeys, IRUDET has empowered over 30 clubs of young positives aged between 12-24 years who are benefiting from comprehensive sexuality education as a way of ensuring that young HIV+ People can protect themselves, their peers and their partners. Curriculum based interventions hinged on quality evidence based criteria have been used to impact on knowledge, skills and behaviours thereby supporting overall sexual health of the positives. More than 20 village saving groups have been formed and trained in financial literacy and investment. During their monthly meetings, realities and fears of HIV related stigma and discrimination are intensely explored.


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