Child Hope Foundation

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Child hope foundation (CHF) is an independent, non profit, non-religious, non partisan organization and it was initiated and established in year 2012. CHF aims at improving the quality of life of highly vulnerable children and women at a grass root level.

The project operates in the rural areas of Kilimanjaro and Serengeti. These are regions of tourism in Tanzania, but are also inhabited with low income earners, most of which are illiterate.

CHF direction greatly emphasizes on empowering vulnerable children in their communities.

A women’s group known as “AMANI WOMEN GROUP’’ was formed to start small activities which aim to have children and communities participate. This group helps aid job creation and economic growth by providing micro and small entrepreneurships with advice, mentorship and training.

Three Core Programs are provided :

1.Volunteer Program

International volunteers to participate in offering assistance to local community partners, including rural kindergarten, primary schools and secondary schools, rural health clinics.

2.Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship to needy children from extremely poor families(orphan and vulnerable children) is done by linking needy children with someone who has made the decision to personally invest in the life of a child. Child Hope Foundation is also working with a community of Serengeti, which operates the two kindergartens and provides scholarships, infrastructure and equipment suitable for their education, in addition to fulfilling their basic needs whilst they are in school.

3.Community Empowerment Project

This project helps the community identify, prioritize and implement projects that would create a wider impact hence benefiting not only the sponsored child but also their family. This project targets Women groups in the community.

To get value of Money and achieve a wider impact, the foundation links with the government and like minded organizations and also conducts referrals for services that would benefit target groups.


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Amani women group has introduced a pilot project with chickens in TPC in south east Moshi

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