Ituna Community Orphans and Vulnerable Children Association

(Unverified non-profit organisation)

Ituna Orphans and Vulnerable Children Association is very small organization working in the community at grassroot level. It was officially registered in 2008 with the Registrar of society in accordance with the laws of Zambia. It was founded upon the belief that when children are left as orphans that is the beginning of new life and not the end of life.

The service provided to the most vulnerable group is done through the identified catchment areas such as Racecourse and Twatasha Ward, but are will also be open to other surrounding communities based on the growing demand from the less privileged people in need of Ituna Association’s services.

VISION:- Orphaned children to have access to quality educational facilities, stable life and infrastructure within his/ her catchment area.

Provision of education to the most vulnerable children in society. School attendance helps children affected by trauma to regain a sense of normality and to recover from the psychosocial impacts of their past experiences and disrupted lives. Particularly at the basic level (primary and lower secondary), it is a major contributor to the reduction of poverty. Education increases labour productivity, improves health and enables people to participate fully in the economy and the development of their societies.

Ituna has a Board in place and it also has trained personnel to carry out the day to day running of the organisation.

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