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The Empower Women, Youth and Children (EARN) Project is a Ugandan NGO that works on issues related to agriculture, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, environmental protection, gender and human rights advocacy. Target client groups are women and child-headed families in rural communities in Northern Uganda.

EARN exists to provide support in Vocational skills, Livelihoods, Water soft & hard wears, Agriculture empowering rural-vulnerable young women groups (new parenting mothers), child mothers headed family, youth adolescence reproductive advocacy and vulnerable youths led into food Nutrition, HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons including vulnerable mothers, Environment protection, Apiculture, Hygiene and Sanitation training, gender and every child rights advocacy through good and faithful managerial practices to the rural communities of Northern Uganda.

Strategic objective 1: Promoting and advocating for sexual reproductive health
Overall outcome: Strengthening the community capacity on sexual reproductive health through youths and community advocacy and practical skills training Entrepreneurship skills, Graphic Designs, MHMs, HIV/AIDs, STDs, Hepatitis’s B, malaria, local/natural family planning methods, and WASH promotion and for the most vulnerable groups.
Strategic objective 2: Improve vulnerable young women and vulnerable youth earnable to earn income through livelihoods projects.
Overall outcome: Empower women and vulnerable youth to earn income through methods, business skills training, vocational skills, entrepreneurships skills, Bee keeping, Fishery, chicken rearing, mother’s mentorships.
Strategic objective 3: Improve in production of high value crops, agro-inputs, agro-machinery, food security, food nutrition.
Overall outcome: Develop farmer’s skills in bulb storing produce, micro-farming, apiculture, and aquaculture, linked marketing, IGAs and rural group savings, loan and credit activities.
Strategic objective 4: Enhancing Gender base services, child protection awareness and Human dignity, land protection and Gender roles.
Overall outcome: targeting communities empowered in women rights especially widows, child mothers, singles mothers, orphans children and person with Disabilities
Empowering rural-vulnerable young women, youth and child mothers with unwanted kids to be train with income generating activities, vocational skills, saving groups.Agriculture etc.

Earn Uganda as train over 1,000 youths and child mothers and mothers living with HIV.



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500,000 - 1 million

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Tokulere Wamu, Watchmen international Organization,Golden Nile international Universty in Uganda, Lira NGO Forum, WNSP Lira,IIHT Ltd.Franchise (prashanth.kr@iiht.com)

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