Meridian International Institute for Capacity Building

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The Meridian International Institute for Capacity Building is a non profit making Association called MERIDIAN INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CAPACITY BUILDING (MIICB) located in Kumbo Bui division N W Region of Cameroon. Their main areas of intervention are in the domains of education, health, agriculture, environment, human Rights, community base developmental projects, volunteerism, capacity building. In 2010, they started a project on “Rural Education for the Underprivileged(orphans, disable, vulnerable youths, street children)” in localities of Mbah, Kovifem, Nkar and Kumbo. The main aim of engaging in such a lofty project is to assist and educate the less privileged in these localities.
The project has been on going but they are however prevented from accomplishing our goal as a result of inadequate financial, moral and material means. The school still operates in its temporal sites but we already have building site. So, they would be very grateful for any individual, groups or companies collaboration, for they have entirely carried out this project via member’s contribution. Through their efforts, the traditional authorities of the villages concern have given them land and the community is willing to help with labour for the school to be built. For the past years they have train 1000 youths who are now self-employed, their school still has many vulnerable children who still need help Meridian is unable to provide all their basic needs. The community has also benefited a lot from them. While this project has help to boost education for young girls and many parents in local communities now see the essence of educating young girls.
They therefore encourage individuals, local and international organizations to partner with us so that together they can make this dream realistic.

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