Citigroup forms partnership to reduce environmental impact of copy paper

Citigroup and The Alliance for Environmental Innovation have teamed up to help reduce the environmental impact of copy paper.

Together the Alliance, a project of Environmental Defense, and Citigroup are working to increase the recycled content in copy paper, reduce copy paper use, and develop environmental evaluation criteria for paper suppliers. All of Citigroup’s Citibank, Global Corporate and Investment Bank, and Global Investment Management locations in the United States have adopted 30% postconsumer recycled copy paper.

By working with Environmental Defense to improve purchasing practices, Citigroup successfully increased the recycled content in the copy paper it uses and secured recycled paper at price parity to virgin paper from two paper suppliers. Environmental Defense also consulted with Citigroup to develop an annual evaluation for paper suppliers that addresses manufacturing impacts, forest management practices, environmental management, and regulatory compliance.

The combined efforts of Citigroup and Environmental Defense will generate annual savings of 1,000 tons of solid waste, 19 million gallons of wastewater pollution, and 2,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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