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Advocacy of global issues

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Tinac Tailors and Nandy Couture(my body is mine Campaign)


The campaign will be launched with an intention of promoting menstrual hygiene in the rural areas of Nyimbwa Sub County by making sanitary pads and period knickers from banana stems and old fabric. The campaign is a collaborative one between Nandy Couture and Tinac Tailors which is a registered...

Defender Africa Foundation


Defender Africa Foundation is a non profit making, Non-Governmental organization registered in Wakiso and Busia Districts in Uganda and is committed to ensuring that the marginalized, vulnerable and disadvantaged women, children and the youth acquire the capacity and ability to sustain good...

Keilah community Childcare Uganda


Keilah Community Childcare Uganda is a registered Not for Profit Community Based Organization working to empower vulnerable children with education and young people through self-help skills to be responsible, sustainable for self-reliant. The organization was established in 2018 to improve the...

Green Hope Share


Green Hope Share is a community, faith based initiative and non-profit making organization " NGO” dedicated to uplifting the well being of children in need, youths, marginalized people, families, and promote sustainable use of the environment and mitigate the effect of climate change. TARGET...

Caring Haven Uganda


Caring Haven Uganda provides programs designed to benefit the grass root common person ranging from education, youth empowerment, talent development and health for the rural communities. The communities are characterized with poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance who have great difficulty meet the...

Rwamwanja Youth Innovation Group


Rwamwanja Youth Innovation Group aims to promote capacity to mankind to combat and defeat malnutrition from local to the global scale. Through making highly nutritious "ready-to-use" food products more accessible and affordable to those who need them most, they also aim to increase awareness of...

Prekeazu Foundation


Prekeazu Foundation is a non-profit organization which was founded in January 2020 to promote education, health and youth engagement. Prekeazu foundation was first established in Omoku, Rivers State, Nigeria. With the support of the organization's members, Prekeazu Foundation has extended its...

Oladiligence Diagnostic Laboratories


Oladiligence Diagnostic Laboratories is a Diagnostic Laboratory which Provides Healthcare services for Hematology Parasitology, Serology, Clinical Chemistry and Infection Prevention and Control for the Public with minimal Charges

Action for Peace and Development (APDO)


The people of South Sudan need a lot of support in terms of peace building to be able to meet socio-economic needs of the communities at grass root level. Action for Peace and Development Organization (APDO) was established by the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC) of South Sudan...

Action Lab for Development


Action Lab for Development (ACTLAB Cameroon) is a NGO that works with rural communities on a range of issues including social entrepreneurship, agriculture and COVID-19 response and preparedness in Cameroon. ACTLAB also trains/sponsors orphans, providing education, food and other basic...