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verified non-profit organisations

Help to build and set up a ''home'' for poor Christians in Pakistan


Amoon Evangelical Ministry is a Christian organization in Pakistan working to help enslaved, poor, orphaned, neglected, and abandoned children and widows. We help all those in need by providing food, shelter and education, specifically to help children through school (both at home and at public...

Diesel- fired generators needed for conservation project in India and Nepal


Ahimsa International is an NGO that aims to generate sustainable solutions in the areas of health, social rehabilitation and environmental preservation. As an altruistic "think tank", Ahimsa International has presented strategies and programmes which have been used in whole or in part by...

Support expansion of services for asylum seekers in Senegal and throughout West Africa


ADHA is an NGO that promotes the essential human rights of asylum seekers, refugees, internally displaced persons and the youth of Africa whose opinions should be a driving force behind decision making processes. Unfortunately their voices remain unheard on many significant issues. It is thus...

Education and Conservation in Northern Uganda


RACODI is trying to help vulnerable children affected by the war in Northern Uganda. These children are from poor families while others are orphans, children with disabilities, formerly abducted children and youth, children born in captivity and children living with HIV. The introduction of the...

Helping teachers to learn about climate change in Kenya


Few children under 18 understand anything about climate change and climate change literacy is generally very low in Kenya. Many people don't know what causes climate change and the steps they can take to adapt and mitigate climate change. The Government has not mainstreamed climate change...

Advocacy and Disability Management Project in Uganda


We are trying to help the rural community in advocating for the rights of people with disabilities and also to fight the occurrence of impairment through prevention, treatment and community support for people with disabilities. We believe that fighting disability begins with the way people live...

Funding needed to build a school in Liberia, West Africa


We are trying to address the issue of the lack of for the children in the rural villages surrounding the area where we work. Only the older children are managing to get some sort of education if they are strong enough to walk 2 hours, one way, to the nearest school. The kindergarten and...

Support required for HIV/AIDS and family planning project in Uganda


Care for African Kids is an NGO in Uganda that aims to improve lives through education, promoting the the use of family planning methods like contraceptive pills and the provision of relief. In the mid 1980’s Uganda received world recognition for its early response to the growing HIV...

Funding required for Girl Power Project in Uganda


Care for African Kids (CFAK) is a Ugandan NGO that takes care of 165 children at its orphanage centre in Wakiso, and provides support towards the childrens' shelter, education, medication, clothing, and food while also attemping to prevent child abuse and violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS, and...

Access to Justice for Rural Women in Malawi


Rural women’s access to justice remains a great challenge in Malawi and is characterized by a number of factors among them inadequate human and financial resources in the courts. Another factor that contributes to poor access to justice by rural women is inadequate awareness about major...