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reach52 is an award-winning, tech social enterprise providing affordable healthcare for the 52% of the world without access to health services.

Their offline mobile apps and platforms enable the delivery of screening, testing, affordable medicines and health insurance for +1000 communities in South / SouthEast Asia and just recently in East Africa. reach52 equips community members with the apps to run the services and partner with governments, multi-laterals and the private sector (pharma, medtech, insurance) to deliver the products that communities need most. As a result, they establish sustainable healthcare systems for all powered by technology.

reach52 has already partnered with over 20 leading global and regional organisations, and have been recognised with awards from the UN and Accenture.

reach52 is expanding and accelerating solutions fast to combat COVID-19 and strengthen health systems for the 52%. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out if they are interested in partnering with reach52.


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World Economic Forum Universal Health Coverage (UHC2030) Social Health Protection Network Healthy Newborn Network Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (including Advocacy Working Group) World Hepatitis Alliance Digital Connected Care Coalition Health In Your Hands Asia eHealth Information Network and Global Digital Health Network

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