Comité d'Entraide Familiale(CEF,Asbl)

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The motivations were not only those of the consideration of their state of poverty caused by the repeated tribal wars of 1996, 1998 and its multiple effects which destroyed the economic, environmental and human fabrics. But also the massive return, that is to say voluntary repatriation of Congolese refugees who lived in the refugee camps of Nyarugusu, RugufuI and RugufuII/Tanzania. Their reception site was built in the territory of Fizi at Mushimbake site /Baraka while waiting for their integration into their families or new host families in the different villages of the Territory of Fizi.
The full members are thirty (30) people, including 7 men and 23 women.
The Board of Directors was made up of 7 people, including:
A legal representative and president,
A vice-legal representative and vice-president,
A treasurer/cashier
A social affairs adviser
Two councils for social and economic affairs.
Currently, CEF has its radius of action in the Territory of Fizi and works with the F92 or ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEPTION N0 JUST./SG/20/642/20220 ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEPTION N0 F.92/37 259 issued in Kinshasa on 18 February 2020, certificate of deposit N0. JUST.112/SKV/2943/2009 issued in Bukavu on 28/12/2009 and operating authorization N0. 5072/TF/AT/SK/2010 delivered to Fizi, on 22/10/2020. (See the official document at the end of this project)
VISION: To be a viable national/international structure, mobilizing the means for the development of families and children in rural areas by supporting their livelihood by protecting forest, lake and fishery ecosystems, etc.
Mission: To support families and children in their agriculture, nutrition and livelihoods by reconciling them with the environment for a rational management of resources.
Areas of intervention: The CEF/Asbl), is a local organization which has three (3) areas of work: Food Security and nutrition, and Livelihood, Protection of the Environment and Protection childhood.
Administrative and financial documents.
CEF has:
• Manual of administrative and financial procedures 2016
• 2018-2021 Strategic Plan
• Anti-fraud policy
• Child Safeguarding Policy.
Account number: 00017-22100-3022753001-96, Old format: 1275-3022753-00-11, Address: Kimanga-Uvira, Sud-Kivu, RCongo, Tel. : +24381701886, Fax: 3227919235, Email:, BCC code: 1275, Swift code: TRMSCD3L
COOPEC KALUNDU/uvira/SUD-Kivu, E-mail: Account name:
VISIBILITY/Contacts: sign bearing: Local address: Ake-Lusambo, Locality Bakechi, Groupement Babungwe-Nord, Sector Tanganyika, Territory of FIZI, E-mail:
Phone. : Chairman of the Board: 0813985930, representing the organization towards third parties
Coordinator: 0815463842, CP: 852216307, Financial Administrator: 0821749880

Transcultural Psychosocial organisation Projet de lutte contre les violences sexuelles faites dans le Sud-Kivu 2014-2015
Transcultural Psychosocial organisation Réponse aux besoins de prévention, prise en charge et reinsertion socioenomique des enfants affectés par les conflits 2017-2018
UNHR/BARAKA/SUD-KIVU Protection de l’environnement (reboisement) et sécurité alimentaire et Moyen de subsistance, site de Réfugiés de Mulongwe/Fizi en 2018-2019 Michel Lwamba
Fonction : Chargé des rapportages et suivi des activités de Sécurité alimentaire et reboisement dans le camp des réfugiés.
E-mail :
Tél. : +243 822728064
Projet de reboisement et sécurité alimentaire et moyen de subsistance en faveur des ménages réfugiés dans le camp et site de réfugiés Mulongwe et Lusenda/Fizi/DRC LUNDIMU Jean
Fonction : Chargé de Programme/Adra/Fizi
E-mail :
Tél. : +243 811989942
AIRD /BARAK Program Manager, camp des réfugiés Burundais/BARAKA/FIZI/Sud-Kivu. Tél. : +243 0815394721,
ZOA/BARAKA/SUD6KIVU. Christian MULENDA Waanga, ancien coordinateur Zoa/Baraka/Fizi/Drc.
Sécurité alimentaire et moyen de subsistance. Christian MULENDA Waanga, FONCTION : ancien coordinateur Zoa/Baraka/Fizi/Drc.
Téléphone : +243 (0)844 172 577/ 0 995 944 405
E-mail :


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Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

Participant in relevant networks

CEF is in the network colled Acces to combustible and rewnable energy for UNHCR is team leader with PAM, UNICEF in South-Kivu, Baraka town, DRCONGO. CEF is also in partner with ELECHI which is a local platform for orienting all action of developmment in the village.

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Advocacy of global issues; Doing business with the poor; Project funding

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Africa: Congo (Democratic Republic of the)

Global issues

Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry; Children, youth and family welfare; all (4)

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Environmental; Food & beverage; Shelter & construction

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Agriculture and livestock; Aquaculture; Education and training; Environmental services