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Game Connect Africa is a Community Based Organization (CBO) aimed at empowering children. This CBO protects, educates, and rises them above adversity using the power of sports for sustainable development in the communities of Jinja Northern Division through transformative leadership, advocacy, sexual reproductive health education and skills development.
The CBO works in disadvantaged rural communities, focusing on enhancing children’s learning, development, and access to education through play.

Game Connect Africa takes an innovative child-centred approach to education and use the power of play to transform the lives of children through their play programmes. They work with some of the most vulnerable children and communities in Jinja District, supporting children living in extreme poverty and those experiencing danger, displacement, on streets, conflict, and humanitarian disasters.

Game Connect Africa Uganda believe Children learn best through play. Play is an essential part of their development but not every child gets the time and chance to play in the rural areas of Uganda as he or she deserves. That’s where the CBO comes into partner with parents, schools and other stakeholders to make learning through play a priority for children in Jinja District. They work with children, parents, caregivers, teachers, community leaders and NGOs/CSO/FBO to highlight the importance of play and enable them to integrate play-based initiatives for enhanced education, health, and development outcomes.


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