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Mattlawie Ecological has been working land in the Have region of Ghana and beyond, and aims to develop it into a sustainable farm/ecological regeneration center guided by permaculture principles, a form of sustainable agriculture and living. Some of the first practical steps in the project are land clearing, development, ecological/ sustainable building (base camp), setting aside some areas to remain undisturbed, ploughing, water connection, growing different species (variety) of herbs, shrubs, vegetables, and much more! Its an amazing ecological project to embrace and support.

The works are guided by permaculture – regenerative principles, ethics and design systems with a vision to work for humans, animals, fruits, vegetables and everything to live peacefully and happily with a well functioning ecosystems.

The team teaches, and sustains eco farming, permaculture trainings, tree planting, apiculture, essential oil distillation, ecological village and lodge, moringa and mushroom project, climate change activism, soccer-for-the-environment youth project, eco retreat and prayer camp. eco-education center, natural products and food center, eco retreat and camp, recreational center for sports (Soccer programs), eco-village, eco lodge, and more.


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Less than 500,000

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