Purple Cake Day - Kids helping kids

Purple Cake Day® is a celebration of children. It is a day of fun, education and action. Purple Cake Day encourages our children to think about their role in the global community, to become aware of children with less educational opportunity and to take action.

This Resource Kit has been developed with the input of educators, to support Purple Cake Day learning experiences. The activities and information can be tailored to meet curriculum objectives across a range of levels in Social Sciences, English, Literacy, Arts & Technology and Community Service.

The Purple Cake Day ‘country in focus’ for 2013 is Kenya. This Kit includes basic facts about Kenya: the flag, languages, festivals and foods, day-in-the-life stories about Kenyan school children, and an inspiring true story (now film) called A Small Act. The film is about the act of an individual which led a poor Kenyan child to a Harvard law education, then onto a job with the United Nations, before establishing a Foundation – Hilde Back Education Fund – providing life-changing education opportunities for hundreds of other Kenyan children.

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