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Job creation and enterprise development

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Polycentric Innovation: A New Mandate for Multinationals


What do John Deere, Cisco, and Obopay have in common? All three companies form a new breed of enlightened Western firms that have embraced "polycentric innovation." Polycentric innovation is an emerging business practice that consists of networking international talent, capital, and ideas to meet...

A Fresh Start: Asian villages carve out a new life


In 2004, the Wildlife Conservation Society, which credits itself with having saved the American bison a century ago, set up the Tmatboey Ibis Ecotourism Project to lure bird-watchers. During the most recent peak season, November 2008 to May 2009, services provided to bird-watching visitors brought...

Tatas going global with low-cost housing


The Tatas are giving a global perspective to their successful affordable housing model, which was launched in Mumbai. Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Sons, said that Tata Housing has got enquiries for replicating the Mumbai housing model from other countries and is likely to start out from...

Harvard Business Page: Micro enterprise article


In this HBS Working Knowledge interview, Senior Research Fellow Jed Emerson, co-author of a new book on nonprofits, discusses the challenges of the community-based enterprise.

BBC micro enterprise article: "Tales of Africa's entrepreneurs"


BBC News Online says that while the world's leaders are "thrashing out strategies to improve the plight of the poor in Africa", many aid agencies are stressing that genuine progress must come from "small-scale projects as well as large international initiatives". The article then tells the tale of...

Free Management Library


The Free Management Library (FML) provides an easy-to-access and comprehensive database of basic and practical managerial and business information for leaders and managers running large and small non-profit and for-profit organisations with very limited resources. The FML currently lists...

UNICEF Corporate Partnerships - Examples


UNICEF Corporate Partnerships - Examples, a series of web pages, details UNICEF's corporate partnerships with a range of companies.

Millennium Development Goal 8: Delivering on the Global Partnership for Achieving the MDGs


Millennium Development Goal 8: Delivering on the Global Partnership for Achieving the MDGs, a report of the MDG Gap Task Force, was prepared for improving the monitoring of MDG-8. More than 20 UN agencies are represented in the Task Force, including the World Bank and the IMF, as well as the OECD...

Make Poverty Business


This book provides methods of bridging the gap by constructing a rigorous profit-making argument for multinational corporations to do more business with the poor. The book should be read by international business managers seeking to increase profits and decrease risk in developing countries, and by...