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Job creation and enterprise development

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Towards Global Partnerships


Towards Global Partnerships, a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly, encourages partnerships between the UN and the private sector, outlines the principles that should govern such partnerships, and stresses the important role that the private sector can play in encouraging development and...

Principles for Responsible Investment


The Principles for Responsible Investment provide the framework for investment professionals to incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues into the management of investment portfolios. Investors fulfilling their fiduciary (or equivalent) duty therefore need to give...

The engine of development: The private sector and prosperity for poor people


"The engine of development: The private sector and prosperity for poor people" is a paper publicated by Department for International Development (DFID) emphasizing the role of the private sector in its international development strategy.

Private sector delivery of public benefit goods and services


This documents presents a framework for doing business in low-income environments, utilising the power of marketing, and grounded in a number of actual case studies.

From Challenge to Opportunity: The role of business in tomorrow's society


From Challenge to Opportunity: The role of business in tomorrow's society, a paper from the Tomorrow's Leaders group of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), presents a fresh perspective on the role of business in society. The paper sets out a model through which companies...

Business and the millennium development goals: a framework for action


This report provides a framework for action on how companies and business coalitions can work with the UN system, governments, and civil society organisations to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), aimed at making globalisation a more positive force for more of the world's people.

Code of Ethics of the South African NGO Coalition


Code of Ethics of the South African NGO Coalition is written to focus NGOs in redressing inequality and improving the lives of all people in South Africa. This code has six sections covering values, governance, accountability, management and human resources, finance and resources.

How can Public–Private Cooperation contribute to sustainable economic development in Fragile States? – from policy to practice


The Dutch report presents the overall findings of the project ‘Public–Private Cooperation (PPC) in Fragile States’ carried out under the 2007 Millennium Accord on the Network for Peace, Security and Development. The Network aims to support and encourage the sharing of expertise and cooperation...

Business Call to Action


The Business Call to Action (BCTA) is a focal point for mobilising the efforts of companies to contribute to the MDGs through their core business expertise. A key aspect of this initiative is to encourage companies dealing with developing countries to adapt their business models to help improve the...

HKCSS-HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre


The Social Enterprise Business Centre is a website run by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service promoting social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.