Basazemaggya Development Initiative

Unverified non-profit organisation

Basazemaggya Development Initiative is a Community Based Organisation started by the residents of Bulenga Kikaaya Ssumbwe in Wakiso District of Uganda.

It is registered with Wakiso District Community Based Services Office registration number WCBO/21/7304.


1.To undertake economic initiatives which will lead to wealth of members and their households through better land utilization, quality seeds and good farming practices.
2. To empower members by providing employment opportunities
3.To set up a saving fund to have members save and credit to enhance their income levels
4.To increase members’ access to credit and other services including shares of the organization, external loans, seed capital, grants among others
5.To undertake any such activities such as Training and receiving advisory services to the benefit of the organization and its members
6. To ensure members engagement in development activities both as a group but also individually as household guided by the group


The initiative started with a membership of thirty members who promoted the activities of the organisation for a period of one year before registration, making a daily saving of Uganda shillings 500/=(US $ 0.13) each member which is 3500/= totaling to 14,000/=(US$ 3.9) a month each member. As a group of thirty members every month a total saving of shillings 420,000/= (US$ 116) is made.

Within a period of one year saving five hundred shillings only per member the organisation managed to save shillings 5,790,000/=(US$ 1,610) this inclusive of membership fees (25,000) per member which is so far invested in Crop farming, poultry and 3 cows.

The idea was first introduced to the members of the community who were qualified with certificates, diplomas and degrees and were looking for employments in government departments and other organizations without success. They realised that this idea can make a change in their lives to be able to earn a decent livelihood. It was decided that instead of looking for jobs from other people it was decided that let them be the ones to create them for themselves through saving and invest in good and improved farming practice.

Year established

12 July 2020

Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

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Federation of Small and Medium enterprises in Uganda

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