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Being so dissatisfied with the prevailing high rate of bad governance, poor leadership, unemployment and the nonchalant participation of young people in local and national elections in our community, REACH BACK, a nonprofit organization was founded in 2017 in Cameroon to promote more young people in schools and other communities to actively participate in elections, governance, policymaking, technology, youth empowerment and recreation.

Every academic year in our partner schools, we actively engage teachers, parents, students and school administrators to participate in their school community development and student government elections either as voters, candidates, electoral committee members and/or whistleblowers.

After which, we train the elected student government leaders in leadership, good governance and policymaking. This student government leaders constitutes class prefects, school prefects and clubs’ representatives.

This is to promote active civic engagement in our communities from secondary schools and to harness future potential private, public and business young leaders in these communities so as to properly address the abovementioned problems faced in our communities.

Through these student government leaders, we are able to identify and provide partial or full scholarships to students interested in complementing their formal studies with some vocational training skills acquisition in tailoring, barbering, hairdressing, shoemaking, manicure and pedicure.

This is to increase the number of financially independent students in our communities and also to reduce the number of school dropouts in these communities.

It is worth noting that, with the active participation of these teachers, parents, students and school administrators, we are able to successfully organize engaging interclass and interschool extracurricular competitions such as sporting meets, cultural competitions, brainbox and the ROTO Youthconnekt summit.

This is to promote broader exposure, appreciation and proper follow up of the outstanding impact these young leaders are initiating in their various communities.

Finally, through our various REACH BACK outreach programs run in schools, we shall be able to identify and provide full or partial scholarships to outstanding students in agriculture, law, medicine, journalism, engineering and technology in these communities.

This is to harness better professionals in these abovementioned areas of specialization in our communities.

1) To run Reach One Teach One programs (ROTO programs) in schools and in other communities to ensure sustainable development in these communities.

2) To promote culture, leisure and sporting activities in schools and other communities.

3) To promote active participation in elections, leadership, good governance, entrepreneurship and volunteerism in schools and other communities.

4) To provide scholarship and vocational training initiatives in schools and other communities.

5) To bring together young community leaders from schools and other communities to the ROTO Youthconnekt Summit in Cameroon or in any other country if need be every year.

Our REACH BACK outreach programs (REACH ONE TEACH ONEROTO Programs) include:
*ROTO Hub *ROTO Wear *ROTO HairCare *ROTO School *ROTO HealthCare *ROTO Relax *ROTO Law Firm *ROTO HiTech *ROTO Farms *ROTO Real Estate *ROTO Media *ROTO Security *ROTO Records *ROTO Sports *ROTO Travel *ROTO YouthConnekt *ROTO Culture *ROTOpreneur *ROTO Funds *ROTO Family *ROTO Entertainment.

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