Disaster management and planning: an IBLF framework for business response

This IBLF Executive Briefing is aimed at providing the business sector with a
basic framework that can assist them in developing their own response to natural and man-made disasters where a need and interest has been highlighted by the recent Asian tsunami disaster. Most transnational,national and larger local companies already have emergency response systems to deal with emergencies such as fires, floods, cyclones, hurricanes,earthquakes and terrorist incidents,and for international companies these have been developed since 9/11.

Much can also be done to prevent and reduce impacts through concern about
ecological impacts and ‘do no harm’ policies. This brief builds on the IBLF
Management Brief issued following the Asian tsunami disaster (www.iblf.org/
disaster) and aims to add further advice to those emergency planning systems.
Most of the examples and proposed actions are well known and can assist
companies in developing a checklist for their own disaster response planning,
policies and practices.

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