Kyoto Convention - Specific Annex J - Chapter 5: Relief consignments

The Kyoto Convention is an international customs agreement that was established in May 1973 to lay down recommendations for simplifying and harmonising customs procedures worldwide. Annex J5 of the Convention deals specifically with relief consignments, seeking to “ensure that the aid actually reaches the victims in need” (page 4). These guidelines, published in June 1999, were written to help apply Annex J5. The reasons for and the benefits of the annex are explained, followed by a practical application of the three standards and three recommended practices that make up Annex J5. Also in this document is a Model Agreement on Customs Facilitation in International Emergency Humanitarian Assistance, drawn up by WHO and UNOCHA (formerly UNDHA) to establish a framework to encourage the fast and efficient delivery of aid in emergencies.

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