Kyarumba Child Development Centre

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Kyarumba Child Development Centre is a church founded non governmental organisation that was established in 2004 to combat the stress from community members in Kasese District, Western Uganda as a result of the 1996 civil war that left devastating results. The women and children were the most affected. Such results were homelessness and hopelessness in all spheres of life – social, spiritual, cognitive, economic, mortar, to mention but a few.

Mission : to release children from absolute social, spiritual, economic, and cognitive poverty in Jesus’ name so as to impact their lives, families and entire community. The targets have been children who were mentored until adulthood, and were enrolled and graduated beneficiaries.

The capacity is 300 children and youth. Currently, there are 245 children and youth benefiting from other partners in areas of formal and informal education, health, cognitive, social, and socio-emotional. The Centre would like help to raise the number of beneficiaries to a capacity of 300 beneficiaries.

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Less than 500,000

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Compassion International Kagando Hospital in Kasese Western Uganda Ministry of Education - Uganda Kasese District Local Government

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