Youth and Women's Alliance for Rural Development (YAWARD)

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Youth and Women’s Alliance for Rural Development (YAWARD)is a Northern Ugandan-based indigenous Community Empowerment Voluntary and Charity Self-Help Organization founded in 2007, and fully registered by Ugandan Government for these and allied purposes functioning in Uganda.

As according to the YAWARD legislative mandates, the organization has non-discriminatory policies, supporting :

1-Education and Training Programmes
2-Community and Public affordable inclusive Healthcare Programmes;
3-Clean Energy-Saving Stoves for Households and Institutions
4-Economic Empowerment and Gender Equality, Justice, and Equity,
5-Human Rights and Democratic Sustainable Development
6-Environmental Conservation and Protection, among others;
7-Clean and Safe Water Provision (CAWAP) for schools & Communities.

In the field of Education, the organization sponsors kids to schools and youth for life skills training, equally connecting the to potential employers nearby and elsewhere!

Meanwhile in the field of Health, YAWARD has a fully established yet functioning Community Initiated and owned Independent Private Health Facilities in two locations of greatest needs one in Aduku (Kwania District-Adyeda Cell/Ward) and the other one in Apac District, Maruzi County, Ibuje Town Council offering quality needed healthcare packages.

Regarding Livelihoods and Economic Improvement benefiting the needy, among which are women, elderly, persons with disabilities, the organization provides Psycho-social support, additionally offers income generation tools and packages for self-reliance.

As regards Human Rights and Democratic Sustainable Development, the organization offers and conducts Civic Education Outreach Packages for target community needs and awareness.

Equally, the organization is involved at grassroots planting trees, linking with schools and farmers organization by way of networking, advocacy and more.
An important component of YAWARD is also occupied with Clean and Safe Water Provision(CAWAP) for communities and schools by Water Wells Construction, Boreholes Drilling, Rainwater Harvesting Technologies, among others;
Thus, in the age of COVID-19 Pandemic, YAWARD is on the ground with committed and interested stakeholders to hold the torch and move forward to greater health for the population.

Accordingly, it is in the light of greater and broader well-being of target population of Uganda that the organization is always open for constructive dialogues and mutually beneficial and fruitful lasting agreements with donors, investors, collaborators, partners and friends in Uganda, Africa and worldwide.


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