Zombo Rural Development Network Association (Zorudena )

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Aware that the development of the people of Uganda needs participation of the rural community in order to achieve all the millennium development goals, members to ZOMBO RURAL DEVELOPMENT NET WORK ASSOCIATION have come together to make a firm commitment for the development of the majority and the under privileged classes.

Realizing that poverty, illiteracy, incapacitation and several socio-economic issues hinder their efforts, ZORUDENA is formulated to bridge that gap that can lead to improved standard of living of the vulnerable people of Zombo district. Convinced that, this can be addressed through the primary focus of promoting human development by increasing human capacity as well as improving human conditions. Human capacity and productivity can be increased by installing positive outlook and teaching new skills through diverse skills training and at the same time by empowerment of the people. Improving human conditions involves not only adequate income, good feeding, safe water for drinking , good sanitation, family planning services, safe and healthy environment etc. Human development is reflected in enhanced status of individuals both in the family and in the society beginning from the rural background.


A community where all orphans, widows and disable live to their full potentials and their rights and aspirations are fulfilled


1. To encourage, install, establish and promote development and acquisition of knowledge and skills in the vulnerable children for self reliance
2. To create a social environment and mental wellbeing suitable for the vulnerable people by provision of psycho social support
3. To establish or develop system and institutions that lay emphases on physical, social and intellectual welfare of people (children, widows and disable in distress)
4. To solicit for donor funding for improving quality services and income to vulnerable people and their households in the communities within Zombo district.



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