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Careerbridge Foundation is a 501 © tax deductible organization registered in 2017 with headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States and a branch office in Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria. Careerbridge is working with Africa’s rural dwellers and the less fortunate individuals suffering from severe medical conditions and diseases.

The Foundation offers improving opportunities capable of strengthening the underserved citizens by bridging the gap and giving them hope, thus, reducing the rate of preventable deaths in the society.

Careerbridge is seeking the collaboration of philanthropist and interested doners. Improving opportunities are offered to the weakest because the Foundation believes that quality healthcare should not be limited to certain class of the population.

Careerbridge is committed to reducing the mortality rate, alleviating poverty by educating and empowering the poor, as well as nurturing and promoting culture

Careerbridge initiative provides opportunities that foster HOPE and CHANGE for individuals with low socioeconomic status in the underdeveloped countries in Africa.


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