Spring Care Foundation (SCARF)

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Spring Care Foundation (SCARF) is a development, not-for-profit and charity organization working with local populations, particularly schools, women and youth groups in Cameroon. SCARF was founded in 2013 and legally registered in 2015 by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization.

SCARF’s mission is to improve on the quality of life of the vulnerable and marginalized groups through providing education, care giving, love and support. Additionally, it promotes empowerment of rural community people in various areas affecting humanity. SCARF arranges activities focus on education, community health, women empowerment, nature/environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, livelihood activities and community infrastructural development.

SCARF’s approach to development work is community-driven and participatory. Our target beneficiaries own our programs. They simply facilitate, coach, mentor and train.

Activities :

- Birthing Kits Distribution program

With adolescent pregnancies increasing, low household incomes, inaccessibility to health care amongst other factors such as poor family planning, SCARF is engaged in reducing the rate of maternal and neonatal mortality by enhancing clean birth practices in communities through the distribution of birthing kits. This program also involves sensitization campaigns to create awareness and encourage facility births.

- Back to school OVC support Program

Every child has the right to education ! Due to poverty, a good number of school age children remain at home. This exposes them to various risks and bad habits like drug, alcoholism, stealing, and prostitution, which becomes a threat to the society. SCARF supports the vulnerable children to go back to school. SCARF provides for their school fees, books, uniforms, foot wear, school bags and food.

- Orphanage support program

SCARF does fundraising and also with support from individuals of good will, the foundation assists orphanages with basic needs such as food items, toiletries, long lasting treated mosquito nets. They also work to see that they get quality education by supporting them with the necessary learning material. Free consultations and treatment of children in the orphanage are also available. The children are also sensitized and offered vocational training so that they can become economically active.

- Community family farm school initiative

With the initiative of creating family farm schools to serve communities, SCARF is able to provide target beneficiaries (unemployed/vulnerable women and men, adolescent girls and boys or youths) with sufficient information, adequate knowledge, and the necessary support to help them practice sustainable agriculture and livestock production in a commercial and semi-commercial way to improve their own livelihoods.

- Community water supply program

Most communities do not have access to portable water. Due to increasing populations, the communities that have portable water are constantly experiencing a shortage. This sends them back to fetch water from poor sources, increasing the risk of infection with a number of diseases. The water programs include the provision of portable water supply to lacking communities, expanding and increasing the number of catchments to serve a larger population as well as ensuring water quality and protection of catchment areas from grazing, bush fires and deforestation.

- Women for the Family program

SCARF supports women especially the unemployed, widows and orphans to receive adequate vocational training and entrepreneurship skills so as to become self-reliant. With the end-of-training support from SCARF, they are able to start up and manage their own small businesses
from which they can provide daily bread for their families and also send their children to school. SCARF is working to create women vocational training centers to serve the communities as wide as there is need.



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