Gwokke Keni PHA & OVC Network

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wokke Keni PHA and OVC Network (GK-PON) is a registered local Non Governmental Organization with registration number S.5914/9268 with its head office located at Patongo town Council, Agago district in Uganda .It is non-political, non-discriminative and non-profit making organization.

This Organization was named Gwokke Keni because by the time of initiation there was no VCT, treatment and many people were dying and besides many were registering clients for their personal gains. So the orhanozation started telling the community that, (please take care or protect yourself alone otherwise you will die):-

• “Gwokke” means protect yourself or be aware, or take care or precaution or keep watch.

• “Keni” means alone or individually

• “PHA” means people living with HIV/ AIDS

• “OVC” means orphans and vulnerable children

The oragnization originated from a group of 10 PHAs on 4th Feb 2004 after a long illness of some members. The group was formed voluntarily, constitution written and work started with the help of a counselor who was a midwife by profession at Patongo Health Center III.

Improve socio economic empowerment to the vulnerable groups in the mapped area of operation

• To create awareness on drivers of new HIV infections to population so as to reduce new HIV infections, HIV related deaths and stigma by the year 2018.
• To provide voluntary counseling to the PHA so as to live positively longer.
• To provide nutritional support to PHA and OVC so as to improve on their health.
• To link the clients and OVC to other services providers.
• To support the OVC at schools with scholastic materials so as reduce rate of school dropout and improve on performance in class.
• To promote children’s rights and participation so as to reduce the rate of child abuse and neglect.
• To reduce the level of gender based violence (GBV) and violence against children.
• To promote self reliance among the marginalized groups (PWD, PHA, OVC, WOMEN, YOUTHS) through skills training and establishment of sustainable Income generation activities.
• To advocate and promote the rights of the clients to have easy access to treatment and other social services.
• To create awareness on importance of citizens engagement in local governance and accountability processes
• To enhance capacity of citizens to participate in local governance and accountability processes
• To restore the degraded land with different tree species

Over the last eleven years to date, the organization has been facing the following challenges:
• Inadequate testing kits at health facilities
• Drugs stock out especially ARV for PLHIV
• Inadequate condoms compared to the demand
• Inadequate funding to cater for all the planned activities.
• Bad roads affecting the implementation.
• Inadequate staffing and high staff turnover due to little motivation
• Overwhelming number of PLHIV compared to small financial resources available
• Inadequate continuous counseling to PLHIV especially young positives on drug adherence, positive living among others

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