Initiative for Better Maternal, Infant, Childhood Nutrition and Health

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Initiative for Better Maternal, Infant, Childhood Nutrition and Health (BICHMIN) is a Non-profit Organization based in Kano city (Northern Nigeria).

This organization’s point of interest is providing the poor and needy communities in the rural areas with basic and minimum nutritional and health aids that can transform their lives form poverty and incapability to a positive and sustainable development.

The outstanding nutritinal and health challenges in the surrounding communities are the motives behind the founding of (BICHMIN) organization in 2015 and registered in 2017. Inspite of the limited resources of the organization, it is striving to give some small project on nutrition education, CMAM mobile clinics, local production of food for malnourshed children, health and nutritional counciling for orphans and vulnurable groups, schools nutrition care and baseline nutritional surveys.

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