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Pray until Something Happens (PUSH Uganda) is a charity, non-governmental and non-profit making humanitarian organisation set up for the alleviation of poverty and sickness through the provision of education, medical facilities, relief, clean drinking water, training programs and supporting evangelism in Northern Uganda. Supporting locally-led initiatives that strengthen young people and valuable adults, helping them to overcome poverty and protect the rights of children and women.
The organisation was formed in 2015 and registered in 2016 with Lira Local Government, and the Government of the Republic of Uganda Reg. No LDLG/2016/057 as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). The main office of the organisation is located in Lira – Northern Uganda. The organisation was formed as a response to the continued complex poverty situation in Lango and surrounding Districts formally affected by arm conflicts of the Lord Resistant Army (LRA), cattle rustling by the Karamojong tribe and natural disasters. The targeted communities include returnees after displacement, refugees and the general needy community.

Arm conflict in Northern and Eastern Uganda for a period of over 20 years combined with violent looting, the destruction of properties and lives as well as cattle raids by the Karamojong resulted in the displacement of over 1.5 million people. Over the same period, the Lord Resistant Army (LRA) rebellion displaced over 80 percent of the ethnic Acholi population in Gulu, Kitgum, and Pader Districts and over 150,000 in Lira District where Push Uganda is now operating.

Persistently, living conditions are generally very bad. There is poor access to safe and clean drinking water; sanitation facilities especially in rural primary schools and hospitals are insufficient. There is a heavy reliance on poor traditional methods of farming characterised by low yielding seeds and rudimentary agricultural inputs as a result of inadequate access to modern agricultural practices.

The majority of households have inadequate household assets as a result of the persistence of low household income. Despite the country’s universal primary education policies, a number of school going children are still out of school. Access to medical care by the majority of poor households is low as a result of the poor provision of medical care.

PUSH Uganda, with support from its development and humanitarian partners, supports the targeted communities in re-building their homes and delivering basic social services to the needy who need a lot of support and prayers.


(i) Child Care and Education Support Scheme:

In Lango sub region, a number of orphans and vulnerable children are found. The problem of orphans and street children is acute due to the death of HIV/AIDS affected persons, remarriages, the absence of love and security in the families, family disputes, and exploited girls. PUSH Uganda envisages mainstreaming these children in nation building by provding care, support and protection in the Orphan Children Home. PUSH Uganda will establish child care or an orphanage and sponsorship programme to provide a comprehensive programme from preschool through to primary, middle and high school. This will be integrated with vocational skills/entrepreneurship and training support in tailoring to equip the needy disadvantaged children with the necessary knowledge and skills and looking for sponsorship and school twinning programmes.

(ii) Water and Sanitation :

Access to clean and safe drinking water is a driving force for sustainable development and the eradication of poverty and hunger. Lango sub region has low water coverage. Surface water coverage in the region is not safe and sufficient for human consumption and dries up during dry season. The percentage of households that fetch unprotected and unsafe water is still high. Women and girls spend a long time travelling long distances fetching water because of their gender role in the sub region. The provision of clean and safe drinking water by drilling boreholes, building bath shelters, toilets in re-settlement areas, schools and in the communities hosting for refugees plus hygiene training are some of the interventions PUSH Uganda will engage in.

(iii) Emergency Relief Supply:

PUSH Uganda has positioned itself to offer humanitarian assistance during life threatening periods. The most vulnerable persons during this period include women, children, and persons living in internally displaced people’s camps. PUSH Uganda will contribute emergency assistance to help reduce the risk of death among the most vulnerable communities from disease associated with lack of proper health services, lack of clean and safe water, poor sanitation, food insecurity, and poor nutrition in IDPs camps. The provision of relief aids of food, medical supplies, clothes, household utensils like beddings, saucepans, plates, cups to replace the lost ones/destroyed by natural or human disasters like war etc will reduce high rates of illness and death.



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PUSH UGANDA is networking with local and international organisations in implementing it activities. Locally we partner with All Nations Christian Care uganda www.allnationschristiancare.org. Internationally we partner with Hard relief USA.

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