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Disability issues

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Re:Motion Designs

Re:Motion Designs is a company that designs high-performance, low-cost prosthetic components for developing world amputees. Its initial product, the JaipurKnee, is a polymer-based polycentric knee joint that can be manufactured for a cost less than USD 20, and has been featured by Time Magazine,...

Shri Panchmahal Anusuchit Jati Education Trust, Adadara.

The Shri Panchmahal Anusuchit Jati Education Trust, Adadara is an Indian NGO that runs a school for 110 deaf children in Godhra. The Trust is aiming to provide better facilities for the children, most of whom come from very poor families with few resources. Currently the school, which provides...

SPDA (Special Persons Development Association)

SPDA (Special Person Development Association)is a registered NGO working for the welfare of people with disabilities in Peshawar. The Association's activities include promoting social justice, raising public awareness of disability issues, health and education and advocacy on behalf of people...

Bombolulu Workshops

The Bombolulu Workshop for the Handicapped was founded in 1969 with the aim of providing training opportunities and sheltered employment to men and women with physical disabilities who are from disadvantaged families. Bombolulu Workshops is one of the projects of the Association for the...

African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less privileged

The African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) is a charitable football Organisation to train less privilege African Children and also provide equal opportunities for Disabled youths. The African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) plays a vital role...

All India Backward Children Development Society

The All India Backward Children Development Society is a Christian-based organisation in New Delhi. It seeks to serve people in the Puget Sound slums, especially those with disabilities or marginalised by the community. It strives to do this through the provision of food and emotional support, as...

National Development Foundation (NDEF Cameroon)

The National Development Foundation (NDEF Cameroon) implements programmes that enhance the socio-economic development of vulnerable rural populations, including programmes on child rights. Other programmes focus on agriculture, education, environment, health and the social domain. The organisation...

Helpende Handen

Helping Hands is an association for people with a handicap and their parents, giving them attention and preparing activities for them such as club meetings and annual trip activities. Helping Hand has a rural office.

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Sierra Leone: Aftermath of the blood bath

When the wounding is done, and you are left alone and bleeding, where can you turn in a war torn environment?

Kuzbass Center for Invalids' and Veterans' Rehabilitation

Kuzbass Center for Invalids’ and Veterans’ Rehabilitation provides social and medical rehabilitation, and health and employment-related services to war veterans and pensioners.

Ukrainian Children’s Charitable Fund “Myloserdya”

Ukrainian Children’s Charitable Fund “Myloserdya” provides material, financial, medical, cultural and educational, psychological, informational and other kinds of charitable assistance to orphaned, handicapped, and homeless children.

China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF)

China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) represents the common interests and protects the lawful rights of people with disabilities (PWDs) in China while promoting humanitarianism and protecting the human rights of PWDs.

Amouzesh Omeed

Amouzesh Omeed is a not-for-profit corporation that builds schools for poor and disabled children in Iran. One of Omeed's major goals is to help improve access to education by needy children and to improve the quality of education received by children in deprived areas.

S.E. Asian Children's Assistance Project (SEACAP)

The S.E. Asian Children's Assistance Project (SEACAP) was founded as a charitable organisation to aid children and young people in Vietnam. Currently, however, SEACAP sees itself primarily as raising awareness of children's needs in Vietnam, and actively suppport only one large project for disabled...

World Vision - United Kingdom

World Vision is a relief and development organisation addressing the problems of poverty, hunger, and injustice in nearly 100 countries. Its work includes emergency response, long-term programmes, and projects in the key focus areas of HIV/AIDS, peace and conflict, food security, development and...

Essential Aid

Essential Aid is a British charity established to help orphans and families affected by the Chernobyl disaster, in particular, those who have severe genetic disabilities as a direct result of Chernobyl.