L'Occitane Foundation offers support to equine training programme for the visually impaired

The Fondation L’Occitane is offering support to ARAC, a French NGO that works with visually impaired people to develop riding and associated skills.

ARAC is setting up the first ever training programme for visually impaired people who wish to become grooms. The L’Occitane Foundation will provide support to four trainees throughout their entire training and work experience period. The goal is to enable an increasing number of young visually-impaired individuals to benefit from the CAPA training program in order to become a “horse groom”, alone for the visually-impaired, or for the blind, with a non-visually-impaired horse groom.

Thanks to its support, the Foundation will offer young visually-impaired individuals the possibility of attending this training session, for the first time ever in France and put forth an enhanced image of the visually-impaired population in terms of the equestrian center managers, who will offer jobs to this special group of individuals. In light of the participants’ visual handicap, the program will provide follow-up and assistance for each trainee during as well as after the training program, ensuring that the graduates find jobs once they have received their CAP diploma.

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