L'Occitane Foundation offers support to visually impaired children

The L’OCCITANE Foundation has lent its support to Helen Keller International’s ChildSight program, helping improve the eyesight and academic potential of economically disadvantaged children in the U.S.

ChildSight, the domestic programme of Hellen Keller International, is a cost-effective programme whose mission is to improve the vision and academic potential of children living in poverty.

Working in seven states across the country, ChildSight provides free, in-school vision screenings to low-income students and, if needed, prescription eyeglasses and referrals to partnering ophthalmologists for full eye examinations. With funding from the L’OCCITANE Foundation, HKI will be able to support ChildSight program services for approximately 1,700 children in all seven sites in 2011.

Additionally, L’Occitane has also produced several limited edition product-lines from which a percentage of sales profits will be donated to Helen Keller International and the ChildSight program.

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