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CiFAP-SL has been operational in Sierra Leone (to be specific chiefdoms in Bo District) since 2008, initially working in health and educational programs in Kakua chiefdom in the Bo District. In January 2010, CiFAP-SL took part in a multi-sector needs assessment in Bo District. The assessment results culminated in the opening of a branch office in Lugbu chiefdom in September 2010 to manage multi-sector activities in education, health, agriculture and livelihoods to address the prevailing community needs.

Since this time CiFAP’s programs have evolved from relief/rehabilitation to sustainable development activities. In line with CiFAP’s strategic plan, the Sierra Leone country strategic plan (2015 – 2020) aims to promote program growth and expansion in Bo District through integrated education, community health and HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, agriculture and livelihood, women, youth, adolescents and children as core programs. Targeting is based on vulnerability ranking as part of CiFAP’s focus on poverty reduction, and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. CiFAP’s is currently operating in five [Tikonko, Bumpe, Lugbu, Kakua and Bagbo] of the sixteen chiefdoms in Bo district.

CiFAP’s mission is to fight hunger, poverty, illiteracy and disease in Sierra Leone. CiFAP-SL has rich experience in managing community development program activities (agriculture, health and sanitation, education and livelihood projects) for more than a decade. In the last ten years (2008 – 2018) CiFAP-SL has worked on several successful projects.
The relationship between CiFAP-Sierra Leone and the beneficiaries, is both friendly and professional.


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The Communities in the Fight Against Hunger & Poverty-Sierra Leone, is member of the Anike Foundation USA Inc.

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