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Community development

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Complementarities, Competition and Convergence in Humanitarian Quality Assurance

Complementarities, Competition and Convergence in Humanitarian Quality Assurance, a meeting report, addresses the issues surrounding the importance of quality and accountability in improving performance in humanitarian action. The report also outlines the initiatives that would be undertaken by the...

Partnership Governance and Accountability (PGA) Framework

Partnership Governance and Accountability (PGA) Framework aims to promote best practice in the management of partnerships for sustainable development through improving partnership performance and credibility through good governance practice with clear accountability. The PGA Framework is made up of...

Charity Commission Hallmarks of an Effective Charity

This document sets out the standards that will help charity trustees to improve the effectiveness of their charity, and the principles that the regulatory framework of the Charity Commission exists to support.

ACFID Code of Conduct

The ACFID Code of Conduct is a voluntary, self regulatory industry code for non government development organisations.

Private sector delivery of public benefit goods and services

This documents presents a framework for doing business in low-income environments, utilising the power of marketing, and grounded in a number of actual case studies.

From Challenge to Opportunity: The role of business in tomorrow's society

From Challenge to Opportunity: The role of business in tomorrow's society, a paper from the Tomorrow's Leaders group of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), presents a fresh perspective on the role of business in society. The paper sets out a model through which companies...

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement is a road map for voluntary organisations of any size, that proposes strategies to effectively involve volunteers. In many organisations, support of volunteers through volunteer programs exists only at the periphery of the organisation. The Code proposes ways...

Business Case for Employee Volunteering: Race for Mentors -A Tripartite Relationship

Business Case for Employee Volunteering, a project report of Credit Suisse First Boston's engagement with students from a secondary school, shows how powerful and rewarding the experience was for all involved - to business, its employees and the community. It presents a clear business case for...

Twelve Habits of Highly Effective ICT-Enabled Development Initiatives

Twelve Habits of Highly Effective ICT-Enabled Development Initiatives are a set of best practice guidelines for project management, which aim to ensure the internal health of initiatives harnessing ICT for development. Like the Real Access criteria, the 12 Habits can be used proscriptively for...

Business guide to development actors

Business guide to development actors, a report, provides guidance to development actors who aim to introduce the business community to potential partners in the development community. The main part of this guide consists of profiles of 30 organisations already engaging in collaboration with the...

Doing business with the poor - a field guide

Aid has its role in a needy world, but business, if undertaken responsibly, can be instrumental in providing long term, sustainable answers to poverty. _This thinking sees people in developing countries more as partners and clients, and less as recipients or aid beneficiaries._

Charity Resource

Charity Resource is a website that provides information about the best and most effective way to donate to organisations asking for financial or other assistance.

Warwick International Development Summit 2007

The University of Warwick hosted the inaugural Warwick International Development Summit over the weekend of 9th-11th March 2007 where 150 students from 11 different countries debated development issues. The event aims to bring together leading actors and thinkers to raise awareness of development...

World Directory of Development Organisations and Programs

World Directory of Development Organisations and Programs, created within the Project "Cooperating for Vooperation", promotes mutual cooperation, dissemination of data and exchange of experiences among organisations, associations and informal groups whose activity is development related. The...

Scaling Up Poverty Reduction and Global Learning Process, Shanghai, 25-27 May 2004

This World Bank conference brought together some 600 participants around a series of success stories in development, highlighting approaches that work in poverty reduction. The conference, held in Shanghai, was part of a nine-month global learning process, resulting in a searchable database of more...

Rough Guide to a Better World

Rough Guide to a Better World is a free online book, published by the UK Department for International Development, which clearly explains poverty issues and challenges faced by developing countries. The guide also provides practical suggestions on how to get involved, including short articles and...

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

The UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was held in two phases: the first phase was in Geneva in December 2003 and the second phase was in Tunis, Tunisia, in November 2005. The purpose was to discuss the impacts of information and communications technology (ICT) and how to bridge the...

ReliefWeb - Niger

A UN project serving the information needs of the humanitarian relief world. Includes a country-by-country guide, with an entry for Niger. It provides the latest updates and information for the country and its humanitarian situation.

Norwegian Development Cooperation

Norwegian Development Cooperation focuses on fighting poverty. It promotes peace and intends to continue its active role in the effort to combat poverty and promote development.

OT Africa Line (OTAL)

OT Africa Line (OTAL), a liner operator, transports cargo from Northern Europe to a range of West African coastal ports from Nouakchott in Mauritania to Soyo in Angola It is now operates under the DELMAS brand.