Kivandeni Orphan Children Rehabilitation Centre

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Kivandeni Orphans Children was founded as a response to the problems facing vulnerable orphans whose basic needs cannot be met. The organization was set up to give a hope to the lives of these orphans, to find their tuition to pay their education, to give them relevance in life also to provide them shelter to give them a belonging. Responding to their ailments /sickness through medical care and counseling them. Indeed the organization has come up to actualize them to their situations so that they are able to overcome them.

The Rehabilitation Centre has registered two hundred eighty four orphans (284) and is working hand in hand with other non–government organizations(NGOS) to sort out those problems.

Good Hope was initiated by a group of 5 people who felt it worth addressing the problems of orphans and disadvantaged children and people living with AIDS in the communities whose conditions of living have worsened especially in Kivandeni village. Through commitment, devotion and determination, this project is helping 50 orphans out of 284 orphans and disadvantaged children in Kivandeni village due to limited funds from committee member.


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500,000 - 1 million

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-Windle Trust Kenya -Community Integrated Development International -Mutonguni Ecosystem Environmental Management alliance

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