Nazarene Orphans Centre

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NOC was established with an aim of addressing the poor situation of some destitute children within one of the slums in Nairobi, Soweto-Kayole. The center’s provision and care is aimed to address homelessness, basic needs, knowledge gap bridging and parental care. Currently they host up to 64 homeless children who at one time either became victims of drug abuse or had their parents just damp them in the waste disposal points upon dissatisfaction of giving birth. The center’s provisions so far have been made possible by the strengths of the friends contributions, personal contribution and well wishers. Moreover, the center decided to set up an education Center for their schooling purposes, which they have successfully managed with the assistance of friends and those who see the need to address homelessness and education for these destitute children. Yet their home and school still lack a variety of important essentials such as bed and beddings, proper lighting system, basic needs (food, cloths) and desks, uniforms, high school fees, better school structure(classrooms), teachers salaries among others. The center calls for help on these areas.

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