Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana

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Support 570 Vulnerable children send to school in Kasoa, Ofankor in Awutu Senya Districts of Central Region-Ghana

Summery: This project provides study materials to 570 vulnerable children in the least developed Tribal and dalit areas of Kasoa, Ofankor in Awutu Senya Districts of Central Region. The area is backward, hilly terrain, there are no communication facilities and the people are under poverty. Illiteracy and poverty rate is highest in this area. This project is prepared to support the disadvantaged Vulnerable children to go to school and promote healthy life style and a secure future of the children. Through this support the burden of the families is reduced.
1. Distribution of study materials and supports: Through the financial support of RAHE GHANA will provide to the children with the following materials such as;
Books, note books, pen, pencils, crayons, geometry box, school uniforms, daily used dress, shoes, school bags, umbrella and water battle.
2. Bicycle: The identified 157 numbers of 12 to 18 years old children both girls and boys will be provided bicycles to go to school.
1. Books, note books, geometry box, crayons, pen, pencils etc $10 X 570 = 5700
2. Daily use dress $12 X 570 = 6840
3. School uniform $15 X 570 = 8550
4. Shoes, school bags, umbrella, water battle $20 X 570 = 11400
5. Bicycle $100 X 157 = 15700

Total = 48,190

Brief Summary about the Organization:

Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana abbreviated (RAHE-GHANA) is an independent Non-Profit development organization established in December 2014 with its head Office in Awutu Senya district in the Central Region of Ghana.

Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana is established to undertake social and economic interventions that reduce vulnerability to poverty, disease, hunger and other famines situations, and to contribute to creation of social systems that promote peace, human welfare and the sustainability of the environment on which life depends, including promotion and protection of fundamental human rights in its geographical areas of mandate.


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