Every Child Empowerment Forum

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EVERY CHILD EMPOWERMENT FORUM (ECEF) is a non-political and not-for-profit organization of Sierra Leonean Volunteers, who work towards the seeking of opportunities and privileges that enhance the provision of basic education for the target-group – particularly the girl-child.
The Programme is registered with the Sierra Leone Government through line ministries, departments and agencies including the Ministry of Social Welfare, ministry of Gender and Children Affairs, ministry of Agriculture, the Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organization (SLANGO), and the City & District Councils in the district of operation,

This programme aims at building the capacity of children disadvantaged, underprivileged and abandoned; and in acknowledgement of the statutes and standards of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Promote initiatives with activities that enhance educational opportunities for the poorest children.

EVERY CHILD EMPOWERMENT FORUM (ECEF) hopes to see societies around the global village in which all children share equal opportunities and enjoy equal rights to education.

AREAS OF INTERVENTION : ECEF-SL shares the view that unless humanitarian intervention is comprehensive and thorough in both range and nature, it would achieve rather little in transforming the lives of communities or stakeholders, beholden to this humanitarian trent ECEF-SL promotes/Supports:

- Gender Base Violence
- Child Poverty
- Nutrition
- Child right to Family
- Community Infrastructural Development
- Girl Child Education
- Corruption



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Less than 500,000

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ECEF is part of the Sierra Leone Association of Non Governmental Organisation and Child-Focus Organizations' network.

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