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Arts and culture

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Venu Madhuri Trust


Venu Madhuri Trust promotes integrated and and sustainable rural development.

Africa-America Institute (AAI)


Africa-America Institute (AAI) administers short- and long-term graduate education and professional training programs for Africans at institutions in the Africa, Europe, Latin America and the United States. AAI helps shape and inform U.S. polices towards Africa through symposia, study tours,...

Ukrainian Children’s Charitable Fund “Myloserdya”


Ukrainian Children’s Charitable Fund “Myloserdya” provides material, financial, medical, cultural and educational, psychological, informational and other kinds of charitable assistance to orphaned, handicapped, and homeless children.

Childug Charitable Foundation(CCF)


Childug Charitable Foundation (CCF) provides services to the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh region of India. Its current projects include the establishment of a free school to educate and house destitute children, a public health clinic, a home for the elderly and a public library. CCF...

Gaden Relief Projects


Gaden Relief Projects is a Canadian registered charity that focuses on alleviating poverty among Tibetans throughout Asia, helping to provide for their material needs. It distributes medicine and funds to the Tibetan refugee community-in-exile and to monasteries in Tibet and also helps Buddhists in...

Totem Peoples Preservation Project


The Totem Peoples Preservation Project is an international non-profit initiative dedicated to supporting the sustainability of indigenous nomadic cultures, their totem livestock, and their ecological habitats in Eastern Siberia and Mongolia. It provides direct aid to nomadic herders, promotes...

Tibet Foundation


The Tibet Foundation is a UK-based charity that seeks to create greater awareness of all aspects of Tibetan culture and the needs of the Tibetan people, and to promote the continuity and preservation of the Tibetan culture. It also works to provide healthcare, education, and social economic support...



ATAYAL, Inc. is a US-based non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and education in America about the indigenous tribes of Taiwan through cultural events and media projects. Its website provides an online resource about the indigenous Taiwanese culture and a way for indigenous...

El Porvenir ('The future')


El Porvenir ("the future") promotes sustainable development in rural Nicaragua. El Porvenir provides financing and transportation for the materials to construct village wells, spring capture systems, lavanderos and latrines. The organisation also supports reforestation projects in the communities...