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Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC)


Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) is dedicated to the promotion of children's welfare. CAPEC addresses education, poor living conditions, abuse and lack of basic rights.

Mary Anne Charity Trust (MACT)


The Mary Anne Charity Trust (MACT) is an Indian NGO which works in the general area of sustainable rural development as a means to help poor and needy people in India. Projects target the elderly, the illiterate and the unemployed aiming to empower them for a secure future. MACT also runs a...

Auroville Village Action Group


The Auroville Village Action Group was set up to better organise the various activities in Auroville, India which had developed out of the Village Action Group which began in 1983. All these activities were based in the perception that in its search to realise an actual Human Unity, Auroville had...

Society of Tribal Women for Development


The Society of Tribal Women for Development supports the welfare and development of migrant tribal women in India. The organisation focuses on several issues: fighting against the exploitation of tribal women, empowering tribal women, providing education and training in child care, health, food...

Youth for Change (Y4C)


Youth for Change (Y4C) works to empower young people to participate actively and effectively in the building of multi-racial Malaysia and in communities where they live in. Y4C hopes to increase the participation of young people in Malaysia through the trainings, advocacy and exposure programs. The...

Seva Foundation


Seva (say-va, the Sanskrit word for service), was established to alleviate suffering caused by disease and poverty through the building of partnerships responsive to locally defined problems (with culturally sustainable solutions). Organisational programmes include initiatives to prevent blindness...

Northern Territory Government Australia


Northern Territory Government Australia (NTGA) is the leading economic development agency for the Northern Territory. The NTGA maximises business opportunities in tourism, indigenous economic development, regional development and investment. The NTGA serves as the central entry point for Territory...

Islamic Association of Australia (IAA)


The Islamic Association of Australia (IAA) is a non-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the promotion of the Islamic religion, culture and social welfare. IAA provides Islamic education and encourages the understanding of Islam among other faiths and fosters better relations with other...

Lewes District Council


Lewes District Council is the UK district authority with responsibility for Lewes and the surrounding area of East Sussex (including the towns of Newhaven and Seaford). Council activities include business promotion, governance, environment and planning, education, health and social care, housing,...

Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Society


RBKS is a registered voluntary organisation devoted to rural education and community development in Udaipur and Rajasmand districts of South Rajasthan and tribal zones of India. The main emphasis of RBKS is to educate and create opportunities for the rural underprivileged tribal children. RBKS...