Youth initiative for Social economic Development

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Youth Initiative for Socio Economic Development (YISED) is a local and not-for-profit organization that exists to help youth and women of South Sudan to improve their quality of social and economic life through different activities. YISED is the only local organization intending to promote life skills, peace and Health of the women and youth of Bongoroki quarter council community in Juba.

YISED works in partnership with communities and other groups in developing the potential of the youth and women in enabling them improve their own lives through participation in entrepreneurial skills development, creation of income generating activities, sports and other community activities.

YISED has a highly skilled human resource that has the capacity to undertake different campaigns of participation in communities’ activities, utilising their vast experience and knowledge of the situation of the country. YISED have started a soccer boy’s project in Bgongoroki area of Kator payam supported by YISED membership subscription fee and it is running on as a pilot project.

The project is geared to promote participation of women and youth in sport and it will roll out to other communities of south Sudan to benefit especially out-of-school youths. The aim is 200 children aged 6-28 years currently in schools and out-of-school youth especially girls aged 14+ in the communities and indirectly benefit over 1000 people living in the surrounding communities, as they will be attracted to watch their children participating in sports activities.

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