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WEPMO is a technical national non-governmental organization, which is dealing with water and environmental sanitation projects in urban and rural areas in Tanzania such as the initiative and capacity building of community-based water and sanitation projects. To support communities to plan and implement, manage, operate, and maintain as well as monitor and evaluate community based projects in the areas of water, sanitation environment and other development projects. We do partner with the community, local government office, Municipalities, Ministries, districts, Local and International Non-Governmental organization etc.

WEPMO was registered on the 24th of November 1999 under society ordinance cap # 10148 of the United Republic of Tanzania with its head office in Dar es Salaam. Also it has upcountry offices in Mwanza and Arusha. WEPMO has mobilized well-experienced water and sanitation experts, community development officers, public health specialists, environmental scientists, Sociologists, researchers, technicians and other supporting staffs.

Mission: Involving community and other stakeholders to improve life standard in rural and urban areas to take active role in water, sanitation and environmental protection activities by raising awareness, capacity building, advocacy and lobbing in order to ensure sustainable water/sanitation services and environmental protection attained to improve life standards of Tanzanians

Scope of services
• Mobilization and facilitating the community to form Water Users Groups in their streets or villages.
• To enhance skills and knowledge among the water and sanitation committee members on the project planning, monitoring and management.
• Conducting baseline surveys during initiation of different projects and evaluation of post projects’ post interventions
• Conducting trainings and ToTs on governance and accountability to trainers, LGAs and communities
• To initiate health and environmental sanitation committees/working groups in street or village level.
• To train animators and UHWs in PHAST methodologies to facilitate sanitation promotion.
• School sanitation programs, which encourage school children to transfer sanitation skills to their homes.
• Construction of water supply and local sanitation infrastructures e.g. ecosan, sanplats
• Promotion of clean environmental energy options like Biogas and energy cooking stoves in various areas
• Promote waste management in waste re-cycle production as a form of community income generating activities particularly for women and youth.
• Promotion of wastewater management systems, by constructing small community networks. Small community owned and managed the network system under health and environmental sanitation committees.

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Less than 500,000

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Meember of TAWASANET (local) ANSAF (local) Forum CC (local) ATAWAS (local) Global Water Network (International) EBAFOSA (regional)

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