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Arts and culture

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UMC (Shanghai) Ltd


UMC (Shanghai) Ltd. is a company that provides entertainment management consultantcy.



The STEER Foundation (Social Development, Technology, Environment, Education and Research&Releases Foundation) is an Indian NGO established in 1994. STEER works with and through young people to promote innovation and the advancement of knowledge for development. STEER has run literacy projects for...

Mame Center of Arts and Media Education


Mame Center of Arts and Media Education is an NGO registered in the USA. The Centre's mission is to provide disadvantaged and unprivileged children in Nazareth Ethiopia with basic food and educational services. The organisation aims to train young artists in traditional arts and handicraft...

Helpende Handen


Helping Hands is an association for people with a handicap and their parents, giving them attention and preparing activities for them such as club meetings and annual trip activities. Helping Hand has a rural office.

Philanthropy News Network


Established in 1998, Philanthropy News Network (PNN) delivers free news, information and resources to all segments of the non-profit global community. Through its daily news website, biweekly e-mail newsletters and monthly newspapers PNN aims to assist and promote better understanding, support and...

ULPSNYC - Netzer


The Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues New York City - Netzer (ULPSNYC-Netzer) is a youth movement that teaches youth awareness and action at many levels, focussing on creative expression, teamwork, organisation, decision-making and leadership.

Venu Madhuri Trust


Venu Madhuri Trust promotes integrated and and sustainable rural development.

Africa-America Institute (AAI)


Africa-America Institute (AAI) administers short- and long-term graduate education and professional training programs for Africans at institutions in the Africa, Europe, Latin America and the United States. AAI helps shape and inform U.S. polices towards Africa through symposia, study tours,...

Ukrainian Children’s Charitable Fund “Myloserdya”


Ukrainian Children’s Charitable Fund “Myloserdya” provides material, financial, medical, cultural and educational, psychological, informational and other kinds of charitable assistance to orphaned, handicapped, and homeless children.

Childug Charitable Foundation(CCF)


Childug Charitable Foundation (CCF) provides services to the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh region of India. Its current projects include the establishment of a free school to educate and house destitute children, a public health clinic, a home for the elderly and a public library. CCF...