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In order to increase the number of youths actively participating in democratic processes, decision-making and sustainable development in our communities at all levels, REACH BACK was founded in 2017 in Cameroon.

REACH BACK is a nonprofit organization championing sustainable development in communities from the grassroots by promoting more youths to be actively involved in leadership development, participatory democracy, economic empowerment, climate action and technology at all levels.

This is done by inspiring, empowering and actively engaging more youths in schools and local communities to massively exercise their civic responsibilities, purposefully complement formal studies with vocational training, obtain adequate digital skills, receive appropriate psychosocial support in times of crises, passionately participate in extracurricular activities and adopt sustainable environmental practices.

Our mission to raise the next generation of leaders and provide an enabling environment to them to effectively REACH BACK and champion change in their own communities.

Primarily, REACH BACK in partnership with ROTO ENTERPRISE ensures that we are effectively involved in the following main areas:

Here, we train more youths to:

- Acquire knowledge and skills in servant leadership, good governance and policymaking.
- Register, vote and protect their votes at all levels.
- Hold their elected leaders accountable and transparent at all levels.

This is done through our Elections 4 All Project and Tomorrow Leaders Project.

Here, we provide scholarships to more youths to complement formal studies with vocational training and vice versa.

This is achieved through our Sustainable Livelihood Project, where we:

- Ensure that students are registered in censored local workshops in their respective residencies and outstanding apprentices gain full training scholarships into our accredited professional vocational centers every summer holidays.
- Secondly, we enroll craftsmen who dropped out of school for one reason or the other into any of our partner evening schools and closely follow them up to ensure that they obtain their GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels certificates and more.

Here, we:

- Sustain the effective running of club activities in schools and local communities.
- Support schools and local communities to organize interschool and intra-school sporting, cultural and clubs’ competitions.
- Train more youths on the importance of actively participating in extracurricular activities.
- Identify, select and promote talents for better opportunities, exposure and growth.

This is achieved through our ROTO Culture Program to promote peace, social cohesion and talents in our communities.

Here, we intervene to:

- Address the psychological and social needs of distressed individuals, families and communities cause by crises.
- Promote resilience, coping mechanisms and social cohesion of individuals and communities.

This is realized through our ROTO Relief Program.

Here, we train more youths on how to:

- Protect, preserve and conserve our environment.
- Adopt and promote sustainable environmental practices within our communities.
- Make informed decisions and influence policies championing climate action.

This is realized through our ROTO GREEN Program to provide eco-friendly environment for our communities, our people and other habitats.

Here, we train more youths to acquire fundamental digital skills and advanced computer courses.

This is realized through our ROTO Tech Program.

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