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Flynepal Volunteering Organization (FVO) is an officially registered non profit and non governmental local volunteer organization which specializes in providing cheap and affordable volunteer programs in Nepal for the benefit of several disadvantaged communities. Recruiting volunteers from abroad, the program was started by group of individuals who had abundant experience in handling volunteers and travelers from all over the world and serving Nepali communities. FVO basically focused and implemented its volunteer campaign and activities in very remote & isolated places where they can see the immense possibilities of changes and creating a small world of justice, service and care to those destitute people. The wide ranges of volunteering opportunities in Nepal include volunteering in orphanages, monasteries, libraries, women empowerment centers, animal care centers, hospitals, health posts, schools, volunteering for community welfare and social services, various medical, thesis internships and wildlife research and Eco volunteer programs.

On other hand Flynepal Volunteering Organization is a social service oriented development organisation committed to sustainable community development works in Nepal, which runs and support several children resources centers, health posts, animal care centers, orphanages, schools, libraries and various educational & skill development training projects for the benefit of underprivileged people. Flynepal team requests everyone to be and work as a true volunteer in Nepal for intense experience to bring meaningful and fruitful changes in the great cause to combat the prevalent shortages of Education, Health and Women’s Rights in Nepal.


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If any organisation or travel company who would like to send people into the the Nepal please feel free to visit website - www.flynepal.orgor drop a email -

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