Uganda: Kampala to get Sh480 Million to Ensure Success of a Sanitation Project

The Ministry of Water and Environment and the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), have launched a public-private initiative to improve access to sanitation for the urban poor in Kampala. The project will be implemented in partnership with Crestanks and Poly Fibre, private companies that produce and distribute plastic toilets.

Access to sanitation services stands at 59% countrywide, a situation which has contributed to outbreaks of cholera, diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases.Crestanks and Polyfibre will set up demonstration units on use of the toilet facilities in six pilot parishes in Kampala.

To enable residents to purchase and install the toilets, Uganda Microfinance Limited and Centenary Bank will offer financial solutions. This, it is hoped, will ensure the sustainability of the project.

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